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Eye Envy® All Natural Liquid Ear Dryer (4 oz.) is a must for dogs who love playing in the water and breeds with heavy, floppy (pendulous) ears or hair in and around the ear canal. It is also ideal for dogs who are regularly bathed or groomed. Eye Envy®  All Natural Ear Dryer is designed to dry the moisture in the ear, which left untreated can create a breeding ground for infection causing bacteria, but foul odors as well.

Made of all natural ingredients, it helps eliminate scratching and future wax build-up. Eye Envy® All Natural Liquid Ear Dryer contains Diatomaceous Earth, a natural drying agent that leaves behind an absorbent powder, which naturally removes moisture and odor from the ears, but also prevents wax buildup.

Eye Envy® All Natural Liquid Ear Dryer also provides soothing relief to itchy ears, as it contains our unique blend of natural ingredients to help soothe and relieve stubborn itch. It won't irritate the skin further, as it contains Aloe Vera to help restore skin to a healthier state. This helps prevent scratching and ‘carpet swimming’.

Made with 100% natural ingredients. Does not contain alcohol or harsh chemicals.

Watch our videos about this product. How to use and Day 2, Results.

Did you know?

That a dog’s ear canal is L shaped, with a vertical and horizontal ear canal making it difficult to apply most treatments and also causes discomfort for your canine friend.  Our All Natural Ear Dryer is designed with a patented applicator. Made from a flexible and soft silicone, it can reach safely and gently deep into a dog’s ear canal, without poking, prodding or jabbing.


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Diatomaceous Earth – is a natural product made up of fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms. It absorbs excess moisture and coats the ear canal to prevent related infections.

Aloe Vera Gel – provides instant, soothing itch relief that promotes healthy skin inside the ear.

Chamomile - is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, preventing bacterial growth while calming irritated skin.

Tea Tree - naturally prevents bacterial, viral and fungal overgrowth to keep ears healthy and fresh smelling.

Clove Oil - is nature's analgesic, relieving pain associated with ear infections.

Echinacea – a natural antibiotic and antibacterial, which also has an also acts an analgesic effect on irritated ears. Echinacea also stimulates the immune system to help prevent or fight off infections.

Safe & Trusted

We use only all natural, human-grade ingredients that we test on ourselves first. We are cruelty free. Does not contain parabens, peroxide, bleach, steroids, antibiotics or other harmful agents.

Remove safety clip and shake bottle.

Carefully align silicone applicator tip with the ear canal.

Use 2-5 doses per ear as needed. Each pull of the trigger dispenses 0.3ml of dryer.

Massage the base of the ears to evenly distribute the dryer.

Use after cleaning with Eye Envy® All Natural Deep Ear Cleaner, bathing or returning from the groomers. Use also after swimming.

Rinse tip after each use with warm water and soap.

For households with multiple dogs, use separate tips to avoid spreading infection. Buy additional Silicone Tips here.