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6 Tips for Persian Cat Grooming

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Whether you’ve had a Persian cat for years or you’ve acquired one recently, you know this breed of feline needs to be groomed every day. Its long fur requires more upkeep than other types of cats, which makes it a unique pet and an interesting way to spend your time. In addition to the usual pet grooming practices, such as cutting nails and cleaning ears, you’ll have to go a few steps farther to make your Persian happy and healthy.

If you’re eager to start grooming your cat the right way, there’s a number of ways to make the grooming process quick and easy.


Here are six tips for Persian cat grooming and the products and tools required for a show-worthy coat.


1. Prevent Matting with Strategic Combing

Preventing matting with strategic combing is one tip for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats have several areas on their bodies, such as around their armpits and behind their ears, that are prone to matted fur, they’re likely to suffer from irritation and infections if the matting isn’t prevented in the first place. Brushing through the entire coat is a key part of taking care of your Persian cat, so comb through his or her coat with a wide, metal comb to carry out your grooming session and improve your cat’s comfort.


2. Eliminate Dirt Build-Up with Monthly Baths

Eliminating dirt buildup with monthly baths is a second tip for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats have long fur that locks in dirt, they’re in greater need of regular bathing compared to cats with short fur. Washing his or her fur every two to six weeks is an essential part of tending to your Persian cat, so wet the coat and clean it with a shampoo that matches his or her fur color to kickstart your grooming session and keep your cat clean.


3. Cut Away Grease with Powder

Cutting away grease with powder is the third of six tips for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats encompass thicker coats, which pick up dirt and matt easily, they’re more likely to excrete grease. Treating greasy fur regularly is a critical part of catering to your Persian cat, so dust your feline with powder from time to time to facilitate your grooming session and soften your cat’s fur.


4. Treat Tear Stains with Stain Solution

Treating tear stains with stain solution is a fourth tip for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats have flat face structures, they’re susceptible to bacteria building up and causing in tear stains. Paying close attention to eye health is an important part of caring for your Persian cat, so apply Eye Envy tear stain solution for cats and use your dry jar of pads for cats to embellish your grooming session and restore your cat’s eye health.


5. Smooth Fur with Steel Grade Brushes

Smoothing fur with steel grade brushes is a fifth tip for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats have the most fur out of any type of cat, they require stronger brushes to penetrate their fur deeply and remove their undercoats. Leaving the coat healthy and limiting shedding are central parts of paying attention to your Persian cat, so brush the coat deeply until the undercoat has come out to maximize your grooming session and relish in your cat’s beauty.


6.Clear Space for Litter Box Use with Scissors

Clearing space for litter box use with scissors is a sixth and final tip for Persian cat grooming. Because Persian cats have long strands of fur that surround their anuses, owners need to trim this area so their cats’ faeces don’t come in contact with their fur. Trimming his or her backside area and ensuring a high quality of sanitation are crucial parts of increasing your Persian cat’s quality of life, so cut long fur away from the derrière to avoid messes and ease your cat’s litter box usage.


With help from these six tips for Persian cat grooming, your cat will have a smooth, flowing coat in no time. Although owning a Persian cat comes with some added responsibilities, you’ll get to spend quality time with your fluffy friend and develop a bond that will last a lifetime. Plan on setting aside a few minutes each day to give your cat some love and attention, as, although cats groom themselves, they always appreciate extra TLC. Our team here at Envy Eyes would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this specific cat breed and other grooming practices, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re only a phone call away!