Healthy Coat

The solution to healthy fur for cats can be found with our natural but effective pet care products, like our Eye Envy® Moisturizing Shampoo. Our shampoo is mild enough for everyday use while still tackling dirt and grime. This rich-lathering luxury shampoo is enriched with vegetable-derived glycerin, which conditions and softens your cat's coat while helping to remove tangles and knots for easier brushing.

Healthy Cat Hair and Skin

Of course, a healthy cat coat goes beyond just fur; to ensure the health of your cat's coat, it is crucial to care for your cat's skin as well. Eye Envy Moisturizing Shampoo contains white vinegar, which helps heal cracked and chapped skin, repel fleas and cut through greasy coats to reach the skin beneath. In addition, our shampoo does not contain any added fragrances, so you can ensure healthy cat skin without overpowering scents or harmful fragrances.

Ingredients That Are Safe for Your Cat

Eye Envy's "Safe & Trusted" policy means getting the best-quality products for your cat's fur without any harmful chemicals. You won't find steroids, antibiotics, peroxide, bleach or parabens in our products. All our products are proudly made in the USA from human-grade ingredients that are non-irritating and easy to use. We choose the best ingredients from nature to create safe, simple and effective cleansers for your pets. For more products designed to provide your cat with clean, healthy fur, check out our line of tear stain remover products and kits.