"...Yours thus far is the best product I've ever used and I do believe I have tried them all."
- Barbara Bergquist of Su-Le Kennels

"I must say I'm very pleased with the results of Eye Envy. In just three days the staining is starting to disappear... it is a great blessing to those of us who have tried to battle the tear stains on our beautiful white Maltese."
- Lori Lengen

"Just wanted to tell you that I am thrilled with the results of Eye Envy. After using your product for 3 days, my little Sassy has a pure white face, your product is incredible!"
- Shelia Brey

"Try Eye Envy... It is simple to use and of course is non toxic for your pet."
- KDOC-TV - The Pet Place [ www.thepetplace.org ]

"I have to tell you, I will never buy another eye product other than Eye Envy again! You got some great stuff here."
- Juli Dooley

"My flame point Himmy, ("Mr. Peepers") is now the most beautiful he has ever been, thanks to your product!"
- Lisa Kroll

"Eye Envy is a product that really works, removing tear stains and inhibiting dark staining production. Eye Envy is safe and non-irritating around the eyes... Eye Envy works."
- Dr. Ira Bauer, DVM, New Jersey

"It's a great product that my cat does not object to me using on her."
- Dea, California

"Thank you for getting my Starter Kit to me so quickly and informing me by e-mail that it was on it's way. I couldn't wait to try it on my 4 month old Bichon, Daisy. After 2 applications once a day there is a definite improvement in her tears stains! I sought advice from everyone on tear stains- nothing really helped until now. Thank you!"
- Nancy

"It's working beautifully. Reba and Zoe both have a chronic eye drip thing and it's really helping to keep their eyes clean and free of infection, I love your product."
- Tracey

"I just had to write. I have a Golden Retriever that has a real bad problem with tear staining. This is probably due to a lot of top skull and the way the eyes are set. I have tried everything on the market. Your rep at the Novi Pet Expo said to use it for one week, and don't forget before and after pictures. I am so sorry for you that I didn't take pictures. We don't even recognize our dog anymore. It did not take one week, it took three days and all was gone. Thanks a million!! What a great product!"
- Ilene

"Your product is incredible...I cannot believe my Bichon's pretty, white face. I was getting so discouraged after several weeks of use, when suddenly, the stains were gone! Your customers need to know to hang in there. By the way my daughter is a veterinarian with lots of "little white dogs" as patients. She was totally amazed at the results...and is telling all her patients. Thank you!!!!!"
- Joy

"I received my Eye Envy for my 5 month old White Persian yesterday. She looks like a new cat already! She had some tear stains, but I figured if I could nip 'em in the bud, she'd be lovely forever :) I work in a Veterinarian Hospital and someone dropped her off because they didn't want to treat her eyes before re-selling her to someone else...someone else wouldn't buy her unless eyes were treated...round and round the argument went. The client then said "Well you take her" and left without her. She now lives with Sophie & Couscous. Thank you again for coming up with such a great product!"
- Cheryl

"It works into the hair so well, unlike anything else I have tried in this country."
- Betty, UK

"We noticed that for eye stains, Eye Envy is working for us better than boric acid."
- Melanie and Melissa, California