Nose/Paw Balm

What better way to treat and nourish your cat's nose and paw pads than with an all-natural moisturizing products made just for pets from Eye Envy®? When it comes to nourishing and healing your cat's nose, our On the Nose Therapy Balm is designed with a perfect blend of all-natural and organic ingredients. This nourishing balm is ideal for taking care of nose pad issues, such as dry, cracked, ulcerated and chapped cat noses. It also helps with skin issues like nasal hyperkeratosis, a condition that causes the skin on the nose to become dry, flaky and hard, forming a callous-like appearance.

Protect Your Cat from Infection and Discomfort

Cracks in your cat's nose can be quite uncomfortable, and can even lead to infection. Our natural ingredients can help remove the callous-like appearance while smoothing and healing the skin.

During your moisturizing routine, don't forget to also nourish and protect your cat's paw pads. Eye Envy offers a unique, cat-friendly paw therapy balm designed to heal, protect and restore your cat's paw pads. Our On the Pad Therapy Balm treats cat feet that have become dry, flaky, hard and calloused. This cat-safe balm provides pain relief from cracked paws and protects against environmental factors.

Safe, Effective Moisturizing Products for Your Cat

Eye Envy is dedicated to providing safe and effective products for pets, which is why we ensure that our products are free from parabens, peroxide, bleach, steroids and antibiotics. Our "Safe & Trusted" policy guarantees that our products are made from safe, human-grade topical ingredients; we choose the best ingredients from nature to bring you safe and effective products for your pet.