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  • Eye Envy On the Nose Therapy Balm Eye Envy On the Nose Therapy Balm
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    On the Nose Therapy Balm

    Our all-natural nose balm keeps your cat or dog looking, feeling and smelling their best. Eye Envy® On the Nose Therapy Balm (0.5oz/14g) is designed with a perfect blend of all-natural ingredients that nourish and heal your pet's dry nose. This n…

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    On the Paw Therapy Balm

    Is your dog's paw cracked? Treatment is easy and effective! When your pup has cracked or dry paw pads, you need Eye Envy® On the Paw Therapy Balm (1 oz.). This all-natural dog balm for paws is enriched with natural oils and extracts to heal, prot…

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Nose and paw quality aren't always cause for concern. After all, your cat goes places - perhaps outdoors or exploring throughout the house - and it comes in contact with warm or rough surfaces and maybe even a pebble or two. But, flaking and cracks indicate a potential issue, from dry skin to an infection to a recent injury to chemical exposure.

As you wait for the vet to see your pet, treat and nourish your cat's nose and paw pads with all-natural moisturizing products from Eye Envy®. Learn more about our cat paw lotion and nose balm:

Soothing a Dry Nose

When it comes to nourishing and healing your cat's nose, our On the Nose Therapy Balm is designed with a perfect blend of all-natural and organic ingredients. This nourishing balm is ideal for taking care of nose pad issues, such as dry, cracked, ulcerated and chapped cat noses. It also helps with skin issues like nasal hyperkeratosis also known as Bengal Nose, a condition that causes the skin on the nose to become dry, flaky and hard, forming a callous-like appearance. Cracks in your cat's nose can be quite uncomfortable, and can even lead to infection. Our natural ingredients can help remove the callous-like appearance while smoothing and healing the skin.

Protect Your Cat from Infection and Discomfort

During your moisturizing routine, don't forget to also nourish and protect your cat's paw pads. Eye Envy® offers a unique, cat-friendly Paw Therapy Balm designed to heal, protect and restore your cat's paw pads. Our On the Pad Therapy Balm treats cat feet that have become dry, flaky, hard and calloused. Used daily it can soften callouses or growths more commonly known as "horned paws”. This all-natural, cat-safe balm provides pain relief from cracked paws and protects against environmental factors.

Safe, Effective Moisturizing Products for Your Cat

Eye Envy® is dedicated to providing safe and effective products for pets, which is why we ensure that our products are free from parabens, peroxide, bleach, steroids and antibiotics. Our "Safe & Trusted" policy guarantees that our cat paw lotion and balm are made from safe, human-grade topical ingredients; we choose the best ingredients from nature to bring you safe and effective products for your pet.

Should a Cat's Nose Be Wet or Dry?

One assumption that persists regarding a cat's nose is that it's supposed to be always wet. If you're asking, "Are cat noses supposed to be wet?" the general answer is: Yes, for the most part, but healthy cats can also have a dry nose. Health often goes beyond wet or dry: Understand which other signs to look for in relation to a wet or dry cat nose. Their overall behavior and how they breathe may indicate a more serious concern beyond dryness.

What Does an Unhealthy Cat Nose Look Like?

Why is my cat's nose dry - or wet? This might be normal, or it could be a sign of a health condition, like an infection or autoimmune disease, if you notice additional signs like flakiness, crusting, swelling, redness, discharge, bleeding or abnormal growths around the area. Tearing may have also spread to the nose area. However, dryness can reflect the environment and seasonal changes. In the meantime, apply Eye Envy® On the Nose Therapy Balm to deliver all-natural moisture to the area.

In all cases, never just guess: Make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your cat's health assessed.

What Does a Cat's Nose Tell You?

Dryness can indicate trauma to the area, an infection or another health condition, especially with cracked skin, crustiness or flakiness present.

Excessive dampness around a cat's nose isn't a sign of health. If you're wondering, "Why is my cat's nose wet?" when it seems more moist than usual, this sign may point to a respiratory illness, viral infection resulting in sores or blisters, trauma, an autoimmune condition or that your cat has something stuck up its nose. Your cat may also be licking its nose more than usual, which may signal discomfort or dry skin.

Why Are My Cat's Paws Dry?

Just as with all pets, cats are supposed to have dry paws, as this texture offers more traction on a range of surfaces - including smooth areas around your home and outdoors.

Abnormal dryness - often indicated by cracked, flaking or weepy skin - can be a sign your cat has been exposed to dry or hot air or extreme weather, recently walked on a rough surface or may be licking its paws excessively.

Dryness may also indicate that your cat picked up a splinter or got a pebble stuck in one of its paws - hence why it continues to lick the area. Dryness is a concern if accompanied by sores, swelling, raw or cracked skin or a noticeable odor.

How Do You Fix Dry Cat Paws?

If you're noticing dry cat paws:

  • Start by inspecting the area: Is dryness accompanied by any other symptoms like sores or cracked skin? Does your cat have something caught in its paw? If you notice something abnormal, make an appointment with your veterinarian to have the area inspected or any foreign debris removed.
  • Wipe it down: If you're just noticing dryness, wipe down your cat's paws with a damp cloth, making sure to cover the full surface area and go in between all toes to remove dirt and dust.
  • Apply a moisturizing protectant: Start with Eye Envy® On the Paw Therapy Balm, a moisturizing balm enhanced with natural oils and extracts that are safe for your pet. After applying the balm to the full surface area of all paws, wait until the solution is fully absorbed before having your cat roam around the house again.