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    Moisturizing Pet Shampoo

    Eye Envy® Moisturizing Pet Shampoo is mild enough for everyday use, tackling dirt and grime on cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. This rich, lathering, luxurious Eye Envy Shampoo is enriched with vegetable derived glycerin and other all-natura…

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Eye Envy® Moisturizing Pet Shampoo is mild enough for everyday use and strong enough to tackle dirt and grime. This lathering, luxury pet shampoo is enriched with glycerin, which conditions and softens the coat while helping to remove tangles and knots for easier brushing. Our unique formula is designed to give your dog a healthy, shiny coat. Our shampoo also contains no added fragrance and leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean.

Ingredients That Nourish Dog Fur

Achieving a shiny coat for your dog begins with a comprehensive and nourishing grooming routine. We've created a gentle cleanser with vegetable-derived glycerin to draw moisture into your dog's fur and provide a barrier to keep that moisture locked in. We've also included white vinegar in our moisturizing shampoo because of its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The acidity of the vinegar also removes buildup from dirt and grease, resulting in healthy fur for dogs. However, the formula is designed to rinse clean, without leaving a vinegar smell.

All-Natural Dog Shampoo

Eye Envy's "Safe & Trusted" policy means we won't put bleach, peroxide, steroids, antibiotics or parabens in our products. We want the best for you, your dog and your dog's healthy coat, so we ensure that all our natural products are non-irritating and easy to use. Find out more about our products' success stories from our customers' testimonials. Enjoy free shipping on orders in the contiguous U.S. over $35. You can also search for international and U.S. distributors on our website.

How can I make my dog's coat healthy?

If you've been wondering how to get a healthy dog coat for your canine, know that the routine, and daily care like brushing and bathing, as well as diet, make all the difference. Here's how you can get started:

  • Bathe your dog regularly, ideally with Eye Envy® Moisturizing Pet Shampoo, an all-natural formula that cuts through grease, soothes cracked, irritated skin, repels parasites and improves brushing. Consider an oatmeal bath for more cracked, red skin, followed by Eye Envy® On the Spot Healing and Itch Relief Spray and nose and paw balm.
  • Apply coconut oil for an extra degree of moisture. The lauric acid present offers a deeper level of hydration that can improve coat shine.
  • Regularly brush your dog's coat to remove debris and tangles.
  • Think about a healthy dog coat through diet. Along with treats offering nutritional value, look for food formulated with omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Shield your dog from exposure to parasites, including what it eats and as it wanders outdoors.

How do I know if my dog's coat is healthy?

Multiple factors characterize healthy coats for dogs, no matter the breed:

  • A soft and smooth texture will be the case across short- and wired-hair to longer-hair breeds
  • A shiny appearance without a greasy feel
  • No strong odor

Signs of an unhealthy coat include:

  • Dry, stiff hair
  • A matted, oily or dirty appearance
  • Visibly loose or shedding hair

How can I make my dog's coat shiny and healthy?

Improving the appearance and health of your dog's coat comes down to the following:

  • Diet: A shiny, healthy coat is often a result of a higher-protein diet with foods and supplements enhanced with omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Skin and Hair Care: Along with regular bathing, pay attention to skin quality. Add coconut oil to your dog's shampoo for extra moisture to enhance shine, deliver hydration directly to the hair and make brushing more manageable. On top of this, regularly brush your dog's coat to remove any knots, tangles and debris from being outdoors.
  • Activity: Make sure your dog gets moving and playing, as exercise benefits your dog's health on a holistic level.

How often should you bathe your dog?

A dog with a shorter, smooth coat and no skin issues needs to be bathed once every two to three months.

In the meantime, particularly if your dog experiences tearing or has a tail pocket, get into a maintenance routine designed to remove build-up, dirt and debris and kill bacteria in areas that experience minimal airflow. Get started with tear stain remover kits from Eye Envy®, Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes and more accessories.

How do I get tree sap out of dog fur?

Tree sap can gum up your dog's fur, contribute to itchiness and redness or trigger an allergic reaction. Exposure may also be potentially toxic for your pet.

To remove tree sap from your dog's fur:

  • Soften the sap by using heat from a hairdryer or a natural oil like vegetable, olive or coconut by massaging it into your dog's coat.
  • Use a comb to loosen the tree sap. You may need to use a smaller, finer brush if your dog has sap on its paws.
  • Once the sap has been broken up, bathe your dog to remove any residue from the sap, and any oils used.
  • It is possible you may need to bathe your pup more than once to remove the residue.
  • Should the sap not budge, you might have to cut any hair to which the sticky substance clings to reduce exposure risks for your pet.