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    On the Nose Therapy Balm

    Our all-natural nose balm keeps your cat or dog looking, feeling and smelling their best. Eye Envy® On the Nose Therapy Balm is designed with a perfect blend of all-natural ingredients that nourish and heal your pet's dry nose. This nose balm for…

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Heal your dog's rough, irritated nose or paw pads with Eye Envy® products designed to provide relief. Eye Envy's "Safe & Trusted" policy means that we only use safe, topical, all-natural and human-grade ingredients in our balms. We've selected the best ingredients from nature to create safe, simple and effective products for your pet.

All-Natural Dog Nose Balm

Eye Envy On the Nose Therapy Balm is designed with a perfect blend of all-natural and organic ingredients to nourish and heal your dog's nose. This healing balm is easy to use and will help restore the health of your dog's cracked, flaking or rough, dry nose. Our unique blend of natural ingredients is also ideal for taking care of many nose pad issues, such as nasal hyperkeratosis, which causes the skin to become dry, flaky and hard, forming a callous-like appearance.

Soothe Cracked Dog Pads

Cracked paw pads can be extremely painful for your dog and may sometimes lead to infection. Cracked dog paws can stem from environmental conditions such as cold weather, as well as salt and chemicals from the sidewalk, or from skin issues like hyperkeratosis. Our On the Paw Therapy Balm is enriched with natural oils and extracts to treat paw pads that have become cracked, dry or calloused. This soothing blend of nourishing natural ingredients is formulated to heal and restore a dog's paws that are cracking and prevent further damage. The comfrey extract provides anti-inflammatory properties, while a natural blend of oils softens and moisturizes your dog's paw pads.

Why is my dog's nose dry?

A dog's nose can be dry due to a number of factors, including exposure to wind and cold. Nose dryness can also be caused by sunburn. Sources of dry air inside the home can also cause nose dryness, such as heat vents, especially if your dog spends a lot of time near them. Some dogs simply develop dry noses as they age.

What to put on a dog's dry nose

Apply Eye Envy® On the Nose Therapy Balm to help soothe your dog's dry nose. This product features a blend of all-natural ingredients that nourish and heal a dog's dry nose. It also contains natural sunscreen properties and helps to prevent windburn, so it's not only soothing, it also helps combat some of the causes of nose dryness in dogs.

What can I do for my dog's cracked paws?

Use Eye Envy On the Paw Therapy Balm to relieve your dog's cracked paws. This balm features a soothing, all-natural formula. It helps to protect and restore your pet's paw pads using natural oils and extracts. It can help treat dry, flaky and callous-like paws and prevent uncomfortable cracks that can potentially result in infections.

Why are my dog's paws cracked?

Cracked paws are often caused by everyday wear and tear. Walking your dog on rough surfaces may result in cuts and scrapes, while hot pavement can cause blisters. Harsh chemicals, such as floor cleaning solutions and ice melt, can also lead to your dog's paws becoming irritated and cracked.

Why does my dog keep licking her nose?

Generally, nose licking is a normal, healthy behavior in dogs. Dogs lick their noses frequently for several reasons, including to enhance their sense of smell and to keep their nose wet, which helps them stay cool. However, if your dog appears to be licking its nose in an especially intense or persistent way, contact your veterinarian.