Itch Relief

Calming and healing, itch relief

Find all-natural itch relief for dogs at Eye Envy®. Whether it's caused by an allergic reaction, an insect bite, poor grooming or underlying infection, we bring you options that deliver itch relief for dog hot spots and many irritating skin conditions.

On the Spot Dog Itch Relief Spray

Get instant comfort for an itchy dog with Eye Envy On the Spot Dog Itch Relief Spray. This non-toxic treatment is made with nine natural ingredients and essential oils that help prevent excessive chewing, licking and scratching. From the anti-inflammatory properties of comfrey extract to the moisturizing power of jojoba oil to the way lemongrass repels fleas and mosquitos, this spray is your furry friend's new best friend.

Long-Term Itch Relief for Dog: Better Hygiene

Level up your dog's hygiene with the natural skin and coat care of Eye Envy Moisturizing Shampoo. Vegetable-derived glycerin tackles dirt and grime while softening and conditioning your pet's fur. This luxurious, rich-lathering shampoo makes detangling hair knots easier. White vinegar in this safe and trusted shampoo helps provide itch relief for dogs and puppies by repelling fleas and healing cracked, dry skin.

What can I put on my dog to relieve itching?

Use Eye Envy® products to provide natural itch relief for your dog. Using Moisturizing Pet Shampoo is a great way to keep itching at bay. It's enriched with vegetable-derived glycerin and other natural ingredients. It also contains white vinegar to help heal cracked or chapped skin, repel fleas and effectively clean greasy coats.

For targeted relief, apply On the Spot Healing and Itch Relief Spray. It helps eliminate itchy and painful hot spots on dogs. This spray also relieves irritated skin from common skin conditions like dermatitis.

Why is my dog itching so much?

Common causes of itching in dogs include seasonal allergies or food allergies. Fleas, sarcoptic mange (mites) and contact dermatitis from soaps, perfumes and other products can also lead to excessive itchiness in dogs.

How to stop dog's itching

For instant relief, apply the Eye Envy On the Spot Healing and Itch Relief Spray. It contains comfrey extract, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, along with other natural ingredients and essential oils to soothe itchy and irritated areas.

For long-term itch relief, bathe your dog regularly with Eye Envy Moisturizing Pet Shampoo. It contains white vinegar, which can help address common causes of itching in dogs, such as fleas, greasy coats and cracked or chapped skin. This dog shampoo is also enriched with glycerin to keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy.

Why does my dog itch so much but has no fleas?

If your dog is itching excessively but does not have fleas or mites, the cause could be allergies or a greasy coat. Other potential causes of itching include chapped, irritated skin, as well as bacterial or fungal skin infection s. Although it's less common, some dogs may also develop yeast infections that can cause itching. Eye Envy's On the Spot Healing and Itch Relief Spray contains colloidal silver, a natural antibacterial and antifungal, so it can relieve skin irritation while also helping to fight infections.

Why is my dog itching and losing hair?

Dogs may develop itchy skin and hair loss due to allergies. Some common types of allergies among dogs are certain foods, mold or dust mites, fleas and environmental irritants like pollen.