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    Moisturizing Pet Shampoo

    Eye Envy® Moisturizing Pet Shampoo is mild enough for everyday use, tackling dirt and grime on cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. This rich, lathering, luxurious Eye Envy Shampoo is enriched with vegetable derived glycerin and other all-natura…

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Your cat's fur reflects the health of its skin. Red, flaky or irritated skin often gets accompanied by dry, coarse or thinning hair. These signs may simply point to the fact your cat needs a bath, especially if it rolled around in something outdoors, or may indicate your pet is living with a condition contributing to dry, itchy skin, like dermatitis, a rash or an allergy. In all cases, ensure your cat has a hydrated, lush and smooth coat with shampoo, cleansers and other natural care products from Eye Envy®.

Healthy Cat Hair and Skin

Of course, a healthy cat coat goes beyond just fur; to ensure the health of your cat's hair, it is crucial to care for its skin. Eye Envy® Moisturizing Shampoo contains white vinegar, which helps heal cracked and chapped skin, repel fleas and cut through greasy coats to reach the skin beneath. In addition, our shampoo does not contain any added fragrances, so you can ensure healthy cat skin without overpowering scents or harmful fragrances.

In thinking about your pet's grooming routine, our shampoo is mild enough for everyday use while still tackling dirt and grime. This rich-lathering luxury shampoo is enriched with vegetable-derived glycerin, which conditions and softens your cat's coat while helping to remove tangles and knots for easier brushing.

Ingredients That Are Safe for Your Cat

Eye Envy®'s "Safe & Trusted" policy means getting the best-quality products for your cat's fur without any harmful chemicals. You won't find steroids, antibiotics, peroxide, bleach or parabens in our products. We proudly make everything in the USA from human-grade ingredients that are non-irritating and easy to use. We choose the best ingredients from nature to create safe, simple and effective cleansers for your pets. For more products designed to provide your cat with clean, healthy fur, check out our line of tear stain remover products and kits.

What Does an Unhealthy Cat Coat Look Like?

Your cat's coat is losing fur. This sign, plus dryness, flaking skin, visible dander and greasiness, can indicate an unhealthy coat. Your cat may additionally have bald or visibly thinning areas or noticeable lumps below the skin's surface.

Don't just make assumptions. Excessive thinning and shedding may be a diet issue or significant health concern. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss this development, and be ready to talk about your cat's overall behavior, including mood, activity level and appetite.

How Can I Improve My Cat's Coat?

If you're wondering about how to fix a dull coat, you have a few different approaches:

  • Start with diet: Make sure your cat is eating a well-balanced diet, and consider adding supplements that improve hair growth and shine. For cats, a balanced diet centers around proteins and includes omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils. You may want to consider supplements.
  • Get your cat active: Exercise improves your pet's well-being and health on a holistic level. Whether in the yard or inside, greater activity also helps your cat manage its weight and reduce its risks of becoming overweight - a potential side effect of a sedentary lifestyle that can lead to a matted, dull coat.
  • Bathing and grooming: Be sure to bathe your cat every four to six weeks, especially if it spends time outdoors. Improve hydration and shine with a moisturizing shampoo, like Eye Envy® Moisturizing Pet Shampoo. Regularly brush your cat to remove knots and tangles and assist with flea prevention.

What Causes a Dull Coat in Cats and What Does That Look Like?

What does a dull cat coat look like? A lack of shine, visible dirt and thinning or patchy areas often characterize a dull cat coat. These factors may be accompanied by dry, flaking or cracked skin.

The cause of a dull coat in cats frequently goes back to diet - particularly a lack of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Consider discussing with your veterinarian the ideal balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates your cat should be consuming, and if any supplements are necessary.

What Makes My Cat's Fur Look Ratty?

Cat fur matting can be a sign of multiple concerns:

  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor or a lack of grooming resulting in unmanageable fur that traps debris
  • Changes in weight
  • Health issues, like a chronic or acute illness
  • Poor nutrition
  • An infection
  • Parasites
  • A dental issue

Especially if you've kept up with bathing and grooming your cat, bring your concerns to the attention of your veterinarian to investigate further.

Does Bathing a Cat Help to Remove Matted Fur?

For how to remove mats in cat fur:

  • Attempt to detangle the matted, knotted area first - either with a comb or your hands, depending upon the density. You may need to apply cornstarch to the area as you comb.
  • Never bathe a cat with matted fur, as it will create denser knots and matting that will be harder to remove once your cat's fur dries.
  • In extreme cases, matted fur may need to be clipped or shaved out to prevent the tangle from worsening.