Tear Stain Remover Products

Tear stains are an unsightly issue for many light-haired cat breeds such as Persians, exotic shorthairs, Himalayans and Siamese cats.A variety of issues can cause excessive tearing, and your cat's tears can collect in the fur surrounding their eyes. This area can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which causes staining and can also lead to irritation and infection. Eye Envy® offers safe, effective tear stain remover products for your cat, including our Tear Stain Remover Solution, that address this problem.

A 3-Step System to Remove Cat Tear Stains

Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Solution for cats is all-natural and topically applied rather than ingested. Eye Envy's products treat the root cause of tear stains rather than masking the symptoms with whitening agents. Our "Safe & Trusted" policy means that you won't find any bleach, peroxide, antibiotics (such as tylosin), steroids or parabens in our products.

Our Tear Stain Remover is part of our 3-Step System to safely remove your cat's tear stains. For the best results, begin by using the Eye Envy Tear Stain Facial Cleanser, then our Tear Stain Remover Solution or Tear Stain Remover Wipes, and finally, apply some Tear Stain Remover Powder. For maximum effectiveness, use our Tear Stain Remover Powder with a ProPowder Applicator Brush, which picks up five times more powder than a standard brush. Eye Envy kits provide an excellent way to get started with everything you need to treat your cat's tear stains.

You'll Love the Difference - Guaranteed

We want you to love our products as much as we do, which is why we offer our "Love the Difference" Guarantee. You can try our products risk-free for seven days, and if you and your cat don't love them, we'll issue you a refund.

How do you remove stains out of cat fur?

Interested in how to get stains out of cat fur? Start with a bowl of warm water, a cat- or pet-specific shampoo like Eye Envy® Moisturizing Pet Shampoo and a cloth. Dampen the cloth in the water before moistening the stain on your cat's fur. Then, use a small portion of the shampoo on the stain and work it into a lather. Use the damp cloth to wipe away the lather. Keep repeating this pattern until the stain is gone.

Does your cat have tear or facial stains? Clean them away with Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Cats, Tear Stain Remover Solution for Cats or Tear Stain Facial Cleanser for Cats and Dogs. These are all gentle, antibacterial and peroxide-free formulas that remove discharge, debris and discoloration from your pet's eye coat and face.

Why is my cat's fur stained yellow?

Cats with lighter-colored hair have a higher risk of developing yellow stains. Cat fur that is stained yellow may be due to the following:

  • Build-up of dirt, debris and grease.
  • Difficulties grooming, which may be in response to getting older or a condition like arthritis.
  • Visible urine staining, which can happen when your cat stops using or doesn't have access to a litter box.
  • Rolling around outdoors in dirt, pollen, or dyed cat litter.
  • Exposure to food coloring, a concern with consuming cat food dyed yellow, red or orange.
  • Jaundice, which can potentially turn a cat's fur yellow.
  • A medication that has traveled from your cat's saliva to its fur.

Removing yellow stains involves thoroughly bathing your cat and using a stain remover. Find all essentials with our Tear Stain Remover Kits.

How do I remove yellow stains out of cat fur?

Start by wiping away the stain with plain, nearly room-temperature water. If that doesn't work, removing yellow stains from your cat's fur is a two-part process:

How do I keep my white cat's fur white?

Getting and maintaining white cat fur comes down to routine care:

  • Bathe your cat once or twice per month to control dirt, debris and other exposures.
  • Be sure to use a moisturizing cat shampoo to wash away dirt and keep its coat shiny.

Why does my cat have brown tears?

When a cat's eyes can't drain properly, a brown discharge, also known as epiphora, may appear. This overflow of tears can cling to its hair and may have a noticeable odor. Certain cats like Persians and Himalayans are more prone to developing tear stains due to their face shape. Other causes may be allergies, a bacterial infection or an eye injury. Learn more sources of tear staining in cats.

To clean away tear stains: