A high quality dual purpose face, feet, and eye finishing comb for dogs and cats. Use the fine side to gently comb out crusty tear stain and eye debris, discharge, gunk and boogers. The coarse side is ideal for removing knots and tangles from around the face and beard. Comb out food, dirt and other debris from your Persians, Shih Tzus, Malteses and more. Regular use will help prevent the build up of dirt and eye discharge and will reduce the amount of discoloration to the fur. 

The comb is made from 80 (27 coarse + 53 fine) carbon steel pins that will not rust. Each pin has a rounded finish to allow you to gently comb the sensitive eye area without causing harm to your pet. Comb size: 5 inches long (130mm) and 0.87 inches (22mm) wide. Pin length is 16mm/0.63".

Did you know?

That some people use the fine side to comb through the Tear Stain Remover Powder? Try it to see if your cat and dog prefers this to other methods. 



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Elaine McKean 23rd Mar 2020

As good as they get!

I judge grooming tools by Chris Christensen combs and brushes, and this comb could easily be part of his line-up. That's high praise from me. The quality is extremely fine and for household use will last forever. I have 4 cats (2 white Persians) and 2 Keeshonds whose eyes need cleaning and wiping, too. Eye Envy products are the best. None better. This comb is great for working out little "crusty" bits around the eyes. Very pleased with my purchase.

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Gently comb around the eyes with the fine side to remove eye debris. Comb the rest of the face, including around the mouth and beard with the coarse side, gently untangling knots and removing dirt.

Wash and dry thoroughly after each use.