Itch Relief

Itch relief for cats has never been easier than with Eye Envy®. If your cat has ever suffered from skin irritation, you've probably asked yourself, "How can I soothe my cat's itchy skin?" Whether your cat is fixating on a hot spot or scratching excessively, Eye Envy has several options to treat your cat's itchy skin, including a moisturizing shampoo and healing spray.

Instant Itch Relief for Your Cat

Eye Envy On the Spot Itch Relief Spray contains the perfect balance of natural ingredients to stop your cat's itching and heal hot spots with minimal hair loss. This product is suitable for cats and dogs and is designed to provide instant relief to your cat's itchy skin. A unique blend of comfrey extract and jojoba oil promotes new skin cell growth while providing anti-inflammatory properties and moisturizing the skin. This cat itch relief spray can also prevent hair loss by minimizing chewing, licking and scratching.

Soothing Shampoo for Your Itchy Cat

Because cat itching can be caused by dry or irritated skin, Eye Envy has also designed a luxurious moisturizing shampoo for pets that's mild enough for everyday use. This shampoo is enriched with vegetable-based glycerin and tackles dirt and tangles while softening and moisturizing your cat's fur. Plus, this cat itchy skin treatment contains no artificial fragrance and leaves your pet's coat smelling fresh and clean. Eye Envy's "Safe & Trusted" policy means you won't find bleach, steroids, antibiotics or other harsh ingredients in any of our products for itch relief for cats, so you can feel good about using them.