Eye Envy® Beard Stain Remover Spray (formerly known as Off The Beard) is designed with a perfect blend of all natural ingredients to eliminate stains on your cat or dog’s beard caused by the oxidation of saliva, artificial coloration within food and treats, run off from tearing on smaller pets or a yeast infection called Pityrosporum or Ptyrosporin (aka “red yeast”).

Also a variety of mild to severe health problems can contribute to excessive accumulation of porphyrins on the beard that can cause staining - periodontal disease, conformational abnormalities and difficulty chewing can all cause drooling, which may accumulate around the mouth.  

With similar antiseptic herbal extracts, to our Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution for Dogs and Cats, our Beard Stain Remover Spray removes stains and promotes a clean, odor-free, kissable beard.

Ideal for dog breeds such as Maltese, Shih Tzu, Havanese, Schnauzer and light haired/white cats.

Alcohol and sulfate free. Does not contain bleach, peroxide or whitening agents.

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Did you know?

You can also eliminate beard stains by limiting your pet’s consumption of pet food with high grain/cereal content, and using steel or ceramic dishes instead of plastic dishes. Keep dishes clean to minimize beard staining. Do not use any whitening or brightening shampoos, peroxide or bleach on the stains as these can set stains in.




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Donette 31st Jan 2022

No effect

I have a Berniedoodle puppy with white beard. I have used this faithfully for two weeks and it has not changed his discoloration on beard; maybe just a little on his front paws. He has not had any other products used

Lyne 20th Jul 2021

Beard stain remover, great for paws!

My dog doesn’t have a beard but she licks her paws and since she has white fur, her paws turn pink/orange. I applied the product on her paws daily for the first week and now just use it once a week or as needed. I also use it around her ears as the fur sometimes becomes brownish/pinkish around that area as well. All the staining is gone.

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Eye Envy® Beard Stain Remover Spray Ingredients

Boric Crystals – a natural cleaner and also stain/odor remover Witch Hazel keeps the area dry preventing the growth of yeast Colloidal Silver has antibacterial, antiviral properties

Boric Crystals – a natural cleaner and also stain/odor remover, perfect for beard staining. It is also antifungal and antibacterial, which helps reduce stains when the cause is an excess of porphyrins (causing red stains or known as "red yeast") or a condition known as Malassezia.

Witch Hazel – its astringent properties are perfect for killing bacteria. It also keeps the area dry, making it an unfavorable environment for the production of yeast.

Colloidal Silver – a natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory, which mimics the properties of antibiotics and has been used for centuries to ward off infection. Colloidal Silver will help control and stop the secretion of porphyrin found in tears and saliva, which causes the deep reddish-brown stains.

Safe & Trusted

We use only all natural, human-grade ingredients that we test on ourselves first. We are cruelty free. Does not contain parabens, peroxide, bleach, steroids, antibiotics or other harmful agents.

Shake bottle well, spray beard area generously allowing product to dry naturally. Repeat as necessary.

Apply daily until the beard stains are gone, then maintain weekly or as needed.

Store at room temperature.