Holiday Gifts

Cleanse, treat and dry. Give your puppy a home spa treatment and kiss goodbye to tear stains. 

Ideal for removing stains from your pup's holiday treats. Spray around the mouth and beard.  

The perfect present for your pup. An introduction to the Eye Envy range at a great price point.

A moisturizing shampoo, containing glycerin and white vinegar. Gentle for puppies and kittens.  

Treat your kitty (and their tear stains) to an at-home spa day. 3 easy-to-follow steps.

The perfect stocking stuffer! Especially for dry, cracked noses dring winter. Heals and protects.

The ideal gift for Persians, Exotics and Himmys. Natural products for clean, stain free eyes.

A calming and healing hot spot spray. 100% natural and the perfect size for the christmas stocking.