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Tear Stain Remover Solution for Dogs

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Eye Envy® Tear Stain Remover Solution for Dogs safely removes unsightly tear stains from your pet's face. Our solution combines only non-irritating, natural ingredients, formulated to effectively attack the root of the problem and deliver long-lasting results.

Eye Envy Dog Tear Stain Remover includes colloidal silver, a key mineral to help control and stop the growth of bacteria that leads to unsightly, smelly tear stains on puppies and dogs. For best results, use with Eye Envy Tear Remover Stain Powder, and for severe staining around the eyes and mouth, use with Eye Envy Tear Stain Facial Cleanser.

  • Apply the solution to the area around the eyes and in between skin folds
  • Cleans affected area and applies a natural antibacterial to fight bacteria
  • Also uses a natural astringent to close the hair shaft
  • Contains only natural ingredients, including colloidal silver
  • Topically applied and not ingested
  • Does not contain antibiotics (tylosin) or preservatives
  • Does not contain bleach, peroxide or harsh chemicals
  • Also available in the original formula, which requires refrigeration
  • Follow up with Eye Envy Tear Remover Stain Powder to absorb moisture, repel tears and continue to inhibit bacteria growth
  • For severe staining, start with Eye Envy Tear Stain Facial Cleanser prior to using our dog tear stain remover solution to help remove heavy staining and debris and gunk
  • Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Solution for Dogs is safe for puppies

Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Solution is topically applied and NOT ingested. It does not contain bleach, peroxide, whitening agents or harsh chemicals. It does not contain macrolide antibiotics (such as tylosin), which with continued use may be harmful to the liver and build up antibiotic resistance. (Watch our video about products you should avoid when treating stains caused by discharge from your dog's eyes.)

Breeds usually affected by tear stain or dog eye discharge stains are Maltese, Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Havanese, Bichon, Poodle, Samoyed, Pekingese, Pomeranians, Pugs, Bulldogs and other white/light-colored breeds. Watch our video to find out more.

Did you know?

Excessive tearing can be caused by many variables including food, the mineral content of water, allergies, sickness like dog infection, clogged tear ducts, teething and even fleas.

Just like in humans, it's normal for your dog's eyes to stay moistened with tears; however, when your dog's tears collect in the fur surrounding the eyes, the area becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This long-term accumulation of dog eye discharge is often the culprit of causing stains. Left untreated, built-up dog eye discharge can lead to itchy irritation and even infection. While other products may mask the problem or simply remove dog eye boogers, Eye Envy Tear Stain Facial Cleanser, Tear Stain Remover Solution and Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Powder battle the source of the problem for healthy, long-term results.

How to Use

Best used in conjunction with Gentle Action Applicator Pads for Dogs

Saturate the application pad with the Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution and gently remove the debris from each eye, turning over the pad when switching from one eye to the other. Do not be afraid if the product gets into the eyes, it is completely safe.

Then work in Eye Envy® Tear Stain Powder until the area is dry.

Repeat daily until stains disappear – typically 7 days. For maintenance apply weekly to prevent reoccurrence.

Click on the videos tab to watch how to apply tear stain remover.

Active Ingredients

We use only all-natural, human-grade ingredients that we test on ourselves first. We are cruelty-free. Our products do not contain parabens, peroxide, bleach, steroids, antibiotics (such as Tylosin), or other harmful agents. Natural active ingredients in this product:

Eye Envy Tear Stain Solution for Dogs Ingredients

Natural Cleanser
This natural cleanser and natural antibacterial is used in well-established eye washes to help relieve irritation and discomfort.

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel's astringent properties are perfect for killing bacteria and also drying the area affected by tear stains.

Colloidal Silver
A natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory, which mimics the properties of antibiotics. This will help control and stop the growth of bacteria, causing the tears stains.



  • Perfect solution

    Posted by David Aroshidze on 17th Jun 2022

    This is perfect solution indeed, this product works slowly, therefore one needs patience, but the final results are amazing. Black tear stains disappeared after 3 month daily use, do definitely recommend.

  • Effective & Easy to Use Products

    Posted by Michelle B-C on 3rd Jan 2022

    We adopted a golden retriever who was diagnosed by an eye specialist as having a congenital eye defect which causes more tearing than usual because he's lacking enough 'drains'. He's blonde so the stains are more noticeable than if he was golden in color. Since this is our first dog we've had in 20 years with this issue, I began online research of what could help or solve the staining issue. I gave Eye Envy a try and am so glad I did. We've been using the stain remover (refrigerated version) for over one month and have seen a significant difference! We also use the powder with brush (get the brush!!) - the whole application process maybe takes 1 minute if that. I almost want to buy a lifetime supply of the unique powder as there's little use of it with each application that I can see one container lasting 6 months or longer - again he just had a small area that is being treated and not an entire fold like you might need for a bulldog. He's such a good sport and tolerates us applying this treatment twice per day - am and pm. I actually cut the pads in half because he just had an inch or two of area that needs to be cleaned. I do wish the brush came with a breathable cover (like a toothbrush cap but with holes) to protect it but I just keep it in the mesh bag it arrived in and wash it after each use. I love all of the products and customer service has been great! Please don't ever stop making your amazing products Eye Envy! You have a customer for life!

  • Just So So

    Posted by RS Philly on 27th Oct 2021

    I have used the stain remover daily for about 2 weeks. The results so far are mediocre. During this time I have changed my puppy’s food, made sure he only drinks purified or spring water & have given him stain removing facials several times. All these measures are an attempt to reduce his tear stains. So far, nothing has worked. He’s a 5 month old Maltese. I will keep trying.

  • Tear Stain Remover

    Posted by Michele LaMothe on 11th Oct 2021

    I have a bichon mix white dog. For years I used Angels’ Glow powder supplement and it kept his eyes stain free and white. The product was taken off the market because it contained an antibiotic, Tylosin. After that I tried everything, other stain removers, homemade mixture of peroxide and milk of magnesia, even had my vet prescribe small amounts of the actual antibiotic Tylosin to put in his food but nothing worked. The stains got worse. In doing more research I came across the Eye Envy products. I did not have high hopes but decided to give it a try. I’ve been using the liquid stain remover and the white powder for about three weeks. I cannot believe how much better his eyes look! This stuff really works and I am so happy he looks like his old self! I will continue to use it!

  • Stain remover solution

    Posted by Tara on 21st Sep 2021

    Excellent product! We have been using this on our Frenchie/Boston's wrinkles for a couple of weeks now daily. I have been using the wash as well, and the drying powder. Honestly, even if I don't use either of the other two products daily, I use the stain remover solution. Almost all of his staining is gone. His wrinkles are fresh. I even used a bit to clean his ears, perfect for that too. Must have for bully parents!!

  • The ONLY thing that has ever worked!!

    Posted by Samara Papcin on 22nd Jul 2021

    I have tried everything before this to try to help my dog. She is a pure white Toy Pomeranian, so the tear stains really stand out. I originally brought her to the vet and she said that it was common in the breed and due to her eyelashes being slightly inverted, surgery would be the only permanent solution. I went to another Vet for a second opinion, they too suggested another costly procedure. This one entailed blowing out her tear ducts and low dose antibiotics for an extended period of time. Needless to say, I chose not to subject my baby to either of those. So I continued with the at home remedies and store bought products that showed little to no progress. All of the things listed below I did while wiping her eyes daily. I tried Angel Eyes (which she hated) so I had to make her take by hiding it, which was no small feat. I changed her water, we added things to the water. I sprinkled things on her food. I tried brushing on cornstarch under her eye. I bought countless wipes and sprays and tear free shampoo. At the end I just came to the conclusion the only solution was to keep the area as short as possible and as clean and dry as I could. So I shaved under her eyes and everyday I would use Johnson’s Baby shampoo on a wet washcloth to clean her eyes. When I saw this kit on Amazon I read the reviews and it seemed promising but I was very skeptical. I left it in my cart “saved for later” for months. One day my husband went through and ordered A bunch of my saved for later items as a surprise. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it. Even the first application made a difference. The applicator pads they give you are great, they are lint free and they hold the liquid. I have since tried others and they are horrible in comparison. Then came the powder application that is applied with a brush. The brush is very nice, very soft, none of the bristles falling out. I would say it rivals some of my better makeup brushes, I thought “No way, is she going to let me anywhere near her face with this brush!” She did! I actually lay her on the couch and I sit on the floor so I can be face level with her. She sits very still and can’t wait for the end so she can hear how “wonderful she did” and how “beautiful she looks!”. I applied the Eye Envy every day for the first 10 days and then I went to every other day. Now I do maintenance of about 2 times a week. Once the hair grows out you will see the new hair comes in perfect, not stained at all. It’s a Total game changer!!

  • Terrific tear stain solution

    Posted by Doreen Gilmore on 8th Jul 2021

    What else can I say about the tear stain solution... I am very happy with your products and recommend them to other dog owners when I see they have a beautiful dog suffering from tear stains. My American Eskimo looks great. Thank you again!

  • Tear stain solution remover

    Posted by Carol Ann Boisse on 13th Dec 2020

    Love this product too you can see it lifting the tear stains out in a few days plus the powder they work together!!!!!!!!!

  • Eye Envy for Dogs

    Posted by Doreen Gilmore on 19th Oct 2020

    At last a product that really works. I own a American Eskimo and have been battling staining for approx 5 years. Some products came close to controlling problem but not with the same results I am having with Eye Envy. I have tried everything from nutrition to multiple products. Saw your product on computer from a woman who has my breed and swore about your products effectiveness. Looked up Eye Envy and thought it was a little pricey, but tried it anyway. Solution and powder last a long time, so now it doesn't seem so expensive. Thank you I love the way my dog looks. Just beautiful!!!

  • Excellent Product

    Posted by Pat Gleaves on 22nd Jun 2020

    Maltese are so beautiful it's a shame to let them have tear stains. This product is excellent as long as you use it consistently with the liquid and the powder. My breeder recommended it and she was right!

Tear Stain Remover Solution for Dogs

$12.00 - $63.75

Tear Stain Remover Solution for Dogs

$12.00 - $63.75