For use with Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution for Dogs. Eye Envy® Gentle Action Applicator Pads are made up of an ultra-thin rayon-polyester material with a waffle-like pattern that adds gentle friction to help clean the area. It lightly exfoliates, allowing the product to penetrate deeper and improves the efficacy of the Tear Stain Solution. Our Applicator Pads have no loose “fuzz” that can irritate the eyes, causing more tears.  Each jar contains 30 dry pads. Use approximately 30 pads per 2 ounces of solution.

Refill pads available in packs of 30 and 100. Click here to buy refills.

Did you know?

Using a traditional cotton ball or pads will waste Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution as it absorbs the product, with Eye Envy® Applicator Pads it stays on the surface, allowing full use of the product and no wastage.  Lint from cotton balls/pads can also be irritating to the eyes.


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2 Reviews

Anne F. 27th Jul 2017

Convenient pads

These pads are perfect to apply the Eye Envy solution. I like the jar to keep them in.

Roberta S. 26th May 2015

Best Products for Doggy Tear Stains

I love all their products. These pads work great!

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Saturate the application pad with the Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution and gently remove the debris from each eye, turning over the pad when switching from one eye to the other

If you prefer to saturate the complete jar of pads with a 2oz bottle of Tear Stain Solution – both Original and Non-Refrigerated (NR) – it must be refrigerated as it does not contain preservatives.

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