At-home Dog Grooming: Lesser Known Tips and Tricks

At-home Dog Grooming: Lesser Known Tips and Tricks

We all know that keeping your dog's coat clean and dry can prevent many problems, including those dreaded hot spots. If you groom your dog at home or simply maintain its appearance between trips to the groomer, you're likely to know the basics. However, we would like to share a few lesser-known dog grooming tips and tricks with you! Read on to learn more.

Include Peanut Butter

If your dog is uncooperative, anxious or generally nervous, incorporating peanut butter into its grooming routine can go a long way. One groomer uses peanut butter on the wall during bath times to distract dogs and keep their wiggles to a minimum. Peanut butter also serves as a reward for other grooming tasks, such as clipping nails, cleaning ears and brushing teeth. Just make sure your dog doesn't have a peanut allergy first!

Nervous Nelly? Consider Hemp or CBD Bites

For a dog that is particularly anxious when being groomed, new products that contain hemp or CBD can be especially helpful to help calm those nerves and provide for a better grooming experience. These products are available in oils and treats, depending on your dog's preferences.

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Use Eye Envy Nose and Paw Balms

If your dog has a dry nose or rough paw pads, consider Eye Envy® On The Nose Therapy Balm or On The Paw Therapy Balm. Our products do wonders to soothe those problem areas! Apply On the Paw Therapy Balm before and after walks. It can also prevent irritated paws during the winter, helping to avoid cracked, sore paws that can be caused by ice and salt. Many reasons, including wind and sun, can cause dry noses. Plastic food bowls can also be the culprit of dry, scaly noses: some estimates show that 50% of dogs are allergic to plastic food bowls. Opt for ceramic or steel bowls instead. Our Therapy Balms contain feel-good ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut butter, calendula oil and other all-natural ingredients that provide immediate smoothness and softness.

Brush Before Bathing

If you are tackling bath time at home, brushing your dog's coat prior to shampooing can help make the process easier. It can also speed up drying time. If your dog has long fur or fur that is prone to mat, brushing before bathing is particularly important. Gently break up any mats using a plastic bristle brush or a de-matting comb. This small step can make a big difference in your grooming routine.

Apply Cornstarch

Cornstarch has several benefits and is a lesser-known dog grooming hack! Pre-treat tangles by sprinkling cornstarch on them to help loosen knots. Sprinkle on your dog's white fur and then brush out for a vibrant, beautiful white coat or use it as a dry shampoo on oily areas and brush to keep the grease at bay between bathing times.

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Use Eye Envy to Remove Tear Stains

Our topical Eye Envy® Tear Stain Remover Solution is a revolutionary product that's the first of its kind. Available in both powder and liquid forms, our product helps treat the cause of dogs' red or brown tear stains on your light-colored dog. These safe, all-natural products do not contain bleach, peroxide, antibiotics or tylosin. Get started with one of our tear stain remover kits, which includes everything you need to tackle those tear stains and eliminate them for good! Check out our Testimonials page and Before and After page to see how our product has helped hundreds of dogs.