15 Reasons to Attend the Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego Show

Have you ever been to a dog show? If you have one or more gorgeous dogs and you’re interested in showing them off to the world, you should consider participating in a dog show. These intriguing events are scattered across the country, so you can find an exciting one to visit regardless of where you live.


The Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego, for instance, hosts a dynamic dog show every year, so, if you’re craving glowing sunlight and an all-around good time, you’ll want to stop by this anticipated annual event.


Here are fifteen reasons to attend the Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego show from February 25th to the 26th in Del Mar, California this year.


The Dedicated Kennel Club - The Silver Bay Kennel Club is a non-profit public benefit corporation whose devoted team enriches the San Diego community.


The Committed Club’s History - The SBKC, which started in 1934 with 401 dogs and two shows a year, is one of southern California’s oldest kennel clubs, so it deserves some kind-hearted celebration this year.


The Show’s Large Scale - The SBKC show was dubbed the eleventh largest show in America in 1982, and it has housed competitions with thousands of dogs every year since reaching this milestone.


The Club’s Top-Notch Exposure - The annual event wrangles attention from dog lovers around the country, as the organization often collaborates with shows like Jeopardy! and the show sometimes airs on television networks like ESPN.


The Show is a Helpful Stepping Stone - Participants in the Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego Show often go on to compete in larger, more competitive dog shows around the world.


The Club’s Enthusiastic Team - The faithful team members are activists in the Southern California community, so their participation and hard work are two of the fifteen reasons to attend the Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego show.


The Upscale Location - The picturesque beach city in San Diego County, California is a refreshing place to spend time with like-minded individuals under the glowing Southern California sun.


The Gorgeous Weather - The chilly yet satisfying weather makes San Diego a hot spot for visitors in the cold winter months with its crisp, salty air.


The Club’s Thoughtful Community Service - The SBKC works on its Pets for Seniors program, which helps senior citizens adopt dogs from local shelters and handles their adoption fees.


The Great Use for Show Proceeds - The club donates the proceeds from the show to animal welfare programs, so attending the show means you’ll also be helping to save local animals.


The Accessible Education Opportunities - The SBKC works to educate the public about a range of dog breeds and offer advice on the best practices when it comes to pet ownership with its “Meet the Breeds” program.


The Exciting Dog Show - The annual show itself is the main event responsible for making the SBKC a valuable organization in the San Diego area, as it brings people who fancy dogs together to view and exhibit different breeds while offering valuable learning opportunities.

The Club’s Attention to Dog Fanciers - The show’s staff lends a hand to both novice and experienced dog fanciers, so every participant benefits from the club’s high position in the dog show world.


The Team’s Honorable Commitment - The SBKC team works tirelessly to put on a high quality, successful show ever year, so honor their efforts by turning up for some fun this year.


The Interactive Eye Envy Booth - The team here at Eye Envy will be running a booth throughout the show, so come say hello to us when you stop by the show.


We hope these fifteen reasons to attend the Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego show will inspire you to make the trip to Del Mar, California at the end of February for some fun with family and friends. The community of dog-lovers that gathers at this event every year will welcome you with open arms, and you’ll have the chance to visit our booth and learn more about Eye Envy products and ingredients in the process.


Because we look forward to taking part in this charming community event and meeting dedicated pet owners later this month, mark your calendars today and get ready to soak up the California sun. If you're interested in attending the Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego Show and plan to stop by our booth while you’re there, please don’t hesitate to connect with us today, so we can give you the information you’ll need to find us at the event.