9 Things You Might Not Know About Your Dog's Ear Health

9 Things You Might Not Know About Your Dog's Ear Health

Making sure our dogs are happy and in good health is a priority for all pet owners. Although feeding your furry friend the right food and ensuring that he or she gets enough exercise are excellent pet care habits, there’s so much more you can do to guarantee your dog is free from medical problems. Paying close attention to ear health, for example, is a great way to start monitoring your dog’s behavior and habits.   

Here are nine things you might not know about your dog’s ear health and how to spot any out-of-the-ordinary tendencies.


Your Dog’s Ears Can Relay Feelings

Due to a high number of muscles in the ears, your dog can use his or her ears both independently and to express emotions in addition to hearing. Our team encourages all pet owners to pay close attention to their dogs’ moods through various signals designed to convey their feelings.


Ear Disease Is A Common Pet Condition

As ear disease often occurs in dogs, your dog might experience inflammation of the outer ear canal during his or her lifetime. We recommend that you have the issue checked out if your dog shows any sign of symptoms, as a number of causes, such as allergies, infections and trauma, can lead to more serious conditions down the road.


Healthy Ears Improve Your Dog’s Balance

Because hearing plays a crucial role in how well your dog balances, a loss of balance can signal an ear infection. Apply  Eye Envy natural deep ear cleaner regularly to break up wax, prevent ear infections and improve to your dog’s ear health and motor skills.


Hearing Aids and Ear Protection Aren’t For Humans Only

Given that dogs are prone to hearing damage in the same way people are, you can compensate for your dog’s poor hearing with hearing aids. Optimizing hearing aids isn’t one of the only things you might not know about your dog’s ear health when it comes to hearing loss, as making sure your dog wears ear protection in noisy situations can also preserve his or her hearing.


Puppies Are Born Deaf

For the reason that their ear canals are closed at birth, puppies cannot hear for the first week of their lives. It’s possible that the canals will never open in some dogs, so, if you’ve taken home a puppy recently, learn how to look for signs of congenital deafness if something about your new pet appears off.


Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean Prevents Disease

By checking your dog’s ears once a week, you can monitor his or her ear health and stay on the lookout for unusual substances. A routine ear cleaning in combination with keeping the area free from excess hair makes an immense difference, limiting the development of ear disease among other issues.


The Shape Of Your Dog’s Ear Canal Is Troublesome

As a result of the L-shaped canine ear canal, dogs are susceptible to a range of ear problems. Spray  Eye Envy natural liquid ear dryer, which keeps earwax from building up and reduces the need for your dog to scratch, to soothe and dry the moisture in the ears after you go through the cleaning process.


Your Dog’s Hearing Fades As He or She Gets Older

Similar to how human hearing goes bad over time, your dog’s hearing ability will inevitably get worse as he or she ages. Our team requests that pet owners pay special attention to older dogs and take the proper measures to care for them when their hearing wanes.


Ear Problems Are Common Although They Often Go Unnoticed

Given that ear-related issues don’t always catch the owner’s attention, your dog may be demonstrating a number of signs that should prompt you to look into his or her ear health. We suggest booking a vet visit if your dog experiences one or more of the following symptoms: depression, irritability, odor, pain, redness, swelling, discharge or excessive scratching and rubbing.


Although dog ears come in all shapes and sizes, these nine things you might not know about your dog’s ear health are common to all dogs. Each one is helpful to learn, so you can catch abnormalities early on and optimize your pet’s well-being. Your dog’s ears are an essential part of his or her anatomy, and taking good care of them enhances your pet’s overall level of comfort and happiness. When you’re ready to take the next step in improving your dog’s life, do not hesitate to contact Eye Envy for additional information on a range of pet care products.