Cat Ear Mites: How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Them

Cats have a reputation for being clean animals since they spend all day long cleaning themselves. One area where their tongues do not reach is their ears. If you aren’t paying attention, what appears to be a brown stain forming in your cat’s ears could ear mites eating away at your cat’s skin. It’s annoying, ugly, and could lead to worse problems.

What Do Cat Ear Mites Look Like?

Similar to cat lice and other parasites, cat ear mites are tiny little round shaped bugs with eight legs. Adult mites individually are hard to see without a microscope but if they’ve been allowed to amass for a few days, in a clump, they will start to look like brown dirt or little coffee grounds in your cat’s ear.

Ear mites are mostly a cat problem, though they can infect dog ears too. For the most part, when your cat gets an ear infection, ear mites are the culprit. Fortunately, they do not spread to humans although they can get on your skin when you make contact; they just do not live long outside of your cat’s ear canal.

Another name for cat ear mites is “ otodectic mange.” That mange is important because the dirtier a cat is, the greater the chance they’ll start looking mangy and wind up with cat ear mites. Untreated, so many mites could end up in a cats ear that the canal becomes completely blocked.

Mostly, ear mites live in the ear canal but in an infestation, they can escape the ear canal and start feeding off of the rest of the cat’s skin. Ear mites will lay eggs deep in the ear canal causing painful ear infections in your cat. Some of the signs that they might have an ear mite infestation include:

  • - Smelly (Yeasty) Ears
  • - Coffee Ground Like Debris in the Ear Canal
  • - Swollen Ears
  • - Thick Ear Wax Drippings
  • - Strange Head Waggling
  • - Constant Rubbing or Yanking at the Ears
  • - Hair Loss and Skin Rashes

Some of these symptoms are similar to lice infections. Because ear mites are so tiny, you have to use a magnifying glass to see them. The best way to be sure whether or not your cat is suffering from ear mites is to take them to the vet where a microscope is used to confirm an ear mite infestation.

How to Treat Cat Ear Mites

There are OTC (Over-the-Counter) treatments for cat ear mites. For infestations that have turned into an infection, antibiotics are necessary to kill off all of the mites including the eggs. Whenever you treat your cat, make sure that all of the other animals in your house get treated too.

  • Topical Treatments: Many OTC ointments can be applied directly to the mites. These treatments often require repeat applications over an extended period of time but cannot reach deep ear infections.
  • Ear Cleansers: You can also try to clean the mites away with an ear cleanser but it is difficult to hold your cat down for this type of cleaning. For severe infestations, the vet can assist with this type of deep ear cleaning.
  • Medicated Ear Drops: Vets may also write a prescription for ear drops to treat a mite infestation. This can be an expensive option that requires repeated treatments but should provide immediate relief for your cat. Plus medicated ear drops usually contain antibiotics that completely kill off ear mites.

Ear mites transfer from animal to animal; only not humans. If you own another cat, dog, or animal that has been in contact with your cat, make sure that they are rid of the infection before they are allowed around each other again.

How to Prevent Cat Ear Mites

The best way to prevent cat ear mites is to regularly inspect your cat. Cat owners have it much easier than dogs. Cats usually do their own thing, including their own cleaning. That gives too many owners the false assurance that their cats are clean but that’s not necessarily true.

Even the most persnickety cat can be infested with ear mites. You may not need to bathe your cat regularly, but you want to at least clean their ears frequently, especially if they’ve been in contact with other animals. Like most parasite infections, the more unkempt your pet is, the more likely they are to develop mangy infections caused by ear mites.

Any time your cat has been diagnosed and treated for cat ear mites, you have to disinfect your cat’s things. Their bedding, their toys, even their food and water dishes have to be disinfected or replaced to prevent the ear mites from coming back.

Eye Envy’s Cat Ear Cleaner Prevents Ear Infections

Eye Envy® is not like most other pet treatment products. Too often OTC medicines do not fully treat infections. The problem is that infections have to be treated with antibiotics; an ingredient that most OTC pet products do not have. The ones that do contain antibiotics can be overused and your pet could build up a resistance to it.

What our products do is utilize naturally forming antibiotics to treat all types of infections and to produce a thorough cleaning that prevents infestation recurrences. Eye Envy® products are both maximally effective and completely safe for your cat. When deep cleaning in the ear canal, that is a very important assurance.

A Safe DIY Deep Ear Cleaning

Your vet has antibiotics they can use. Some are now using liquid drops or antibiotic shots that take one treatment and the infection is gone. However, if your cat is an outdoor cat or you have multiple animals in your house, you’ll have to continually protect against ear mite infestations.

Regular use of antibiotics is dangerous, and taking your cat to the vet for an ear cleaning all the time is expensive. There is an alternative for a safe DIY deep ear cleaning for your cat. Cat owners use our All Natural Deep Ear Cleaner and Ear Dryer System Kit to do the deep cleaning on their own.

Like topical creams that provide instant relief, our Eye Envy® Deep Ear Cleaner is sting free and anti-inflammatory, providing relief on contact for irritated ears. On top of that, this system comes with our patented PurOtic Silicone Tip® applicator for easy application.

Trying to hold down your kitty while using a cotton ball to apply a topical cream can be next to impossible. This patented applicator makes it easy to apply treatment with precision and does not sting your cat.

Dry Ears are Clean Ears

We take deep cleaning a step further than your typical OTC ear mite treatment. We know that dry ears are clean ears. Treatments all involve applying a cream or drops which can also irritate already inflamed skin in the ear canal. Eye Envy All Natural Ear Cleaner is meant to go hand-in-hand with our All Natural Ear Dryer.

Our Liquid Ear Dryer also comes with our proprietary silicone tip applicator and works to stop your cat from scratching their ears while also guarding against a recurrence of ear mites. Used altogether, you can eliminate and prevent future ear infections created by cat ear mites with regular use of our top quality ear cleaner. For a safe and effective clean, try our Eye Envy® Ear Cleaning System.