Getting Your Dog Instagram Ready

Getting Your Dog Instagram Ready

Maybe your social media followers seem enamored with your dog. Or maybe you think your pup's cuteness and effervescent personality are ready for a larger audience. In any case, you're contemplating a separate Instagram account just for your dog. Get started with the following tips!

1. Make Sure Your Dog Looks Its Best

You make sure you look just about perfect before taking a selfie or video. Your dog isn't any different! Ensure that your dog is thoroughly clean and brushed. Try bathing your dog with a moisture-rich shampoo ahead of time so its coat looks soft and healthy. Also, consider the effects of different types of lighting and angles as you take pictures.

2. Take Photos and Video

Begin to build up a collection of photos, as well as select videos, that you'll use for your pup's account. Start taking them throughout your day while your dog is going for walks, playing, doing tricks or simply relaxing. As your dog's account gains more followers, start to plan adventures and deliberate photoshoots. Especially for a photo-based platform like Instagram, you'll want to take multiple photos per day. Just make sure your dog's face looks clean and healthy by removing any unsightly tear stains before you start taking your photos. You'll save yourself time in the long run because you won't have to edit those tear stains out of the pictures!

3. Highlight Your Dog's Personality

Photos and videos automatically showcase your dog's lively and friendly nature. Couple images with cleverly written captions to give your dog a "voice."

4. Start to Build an Audience

Your friends and family likely enjoy seeing how you and your dog are doing. If you're looking for a wider audience, however, start:

  • Adding relevant dog-centric hashtags to your posts, so that other dog parents can find your content.
  • Following other dog accounts and commenting on their posts.
  • Tagging other accounts in your posts, including dog owners and pet product brands, if your content is relevant.
  • Reaching out to brands to feature their products via partnerships or to be included on their feed through any branded hashtags.