How can Eye Envy be so effective, yet so gentle and safe?

We are often asked how safe our products are, especially Eye Envy’s Tear Stain Remover, since it is used around the eyes. Without hesitation, we can answer these questions because we believe in ensuring that the products we use on our pets are safe…safe enough to use on ourselves.

  • We only use human-grade ingredients that are safe for human eyes and will not harm your pet’s eyes or human eyes. Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover is made up of human-grade ingredients that are proven to work on eye issues and have been tested for years. Our tear stain remover is comprised of ingredients that have been tested and proven through time and used as human eye washes.
  • We don’t use any types of preservatives in our products, because there are no preservatives that we can say are truly safe if they get into your pet’s eyes. We believe that it is best to be 100% sure, especially around the eyes.
  • Eye Envy uses NO bleach, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or harsh chemicals that could harm, discolor, irritate or ruin the hair shaft.

- Many products contain whitening, brighteners, blueberry, cranberry or bluing agents that cause the hair shaft to become porous. Initial the stains are removed, but the next time the hair stains the stains set. Making the stains almost impossible to remove and ruining the hair shaft. These products mimic the properties of bleach and peroxide, so they are ‘quick’ fixes and will not solve the problem in the long term.

  • Eye Envy’s goal is to remove the low-grade bacterial infection and the stop the bacteria from spreading. In order to do this, Eye Envy is not a cover up or bleach, it actually is contains:
  • A Cleanser to clean the area and remove the debris
  • An Organic Astringent to help dry the area and stop the growth of bacteria. In order to stop the bacteria from spreading, the area must be dry. Bacteria tends to grow and spread in an environment that is has 3 key components: moisture, darkness and warmth.
  • A Natural Antibacterial that mimics the properties on an antibiotic, causing the infection to stop. As with most bacterial infections, it does take consecutive days of treatment to stop the growth of the bacteria.

When using a product on your pet, treat that product as if it was going to be used on yourself or on your own child. Any product that alters your pet’s systems should be something you question. 

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