How To Safely Care For Your Cat's Eyes

How To Safely Care For Your Cat's Eyes

Whether you pamper your cat every day or let it take care of itself for the most part, every pet owner should pay close attention to his or her cat’s eyes. A basic eye care routine makes a huge difference in your fluffy pal’s life, as many cat breeds are susceptible to tear stains and the resulting odors. If you’re worried about getting up close and personal with your kitty’s eyes, don’t worry, because your feline friend will thank you for it. 


Here are four ways to safely care for your cat’s eyes and make sure his or her health is in tip-top shape.


#1. Notice Tear Stains

Noticing eye stains is a way to safely care for your cat’s eyes. If you check your pet’s eyes daily for anything abnormal, such as excessive tearing, you’ll be able to pinpoint issues like allergies, irritation and stress before they develop into more serious medical problems.

You have the ability to rule out health issues with this technique, and if your examination raises any suspicions, our team recommends that you take your cat to the vet. Further, if your cat’s eyes look healthy and he or she is free of medical issues, then you’re encouraged to treat your cat’s eyes regularly for tear stains and everyday build up.


#2. Manage Tear Stains

Managing eye stains is a second way to safely care for your cat’s eyes. If you see noticeable tear stains developing near your cat’s eyes, you’ll have the opportunity to address this hygiene concern before it becomes a more pressing issue. You have the chance to flush the eyes with a saline solution on a regular basis, and, if you take this extra step for a neat, clean face, we also suggest that you keep your kitty’s hair clean and trimmed.

Further, once you’re comfortable with this process, you’re encouraged to start using Eye Envy tear stain solution for cats as a way to start washing away old tear stains.


#3. Clean Away Tear Stains

Cleaning eye stains is a third way to safely care for your cat’s eyes. If you plan to get rid of existing tear stains around your cat’s eyes, you’ll have the ability to remove them before they get worse using  Eye Envy powder for dogs and cats. You have this two-step system to make the cleaning process a breeze. And after you apply the tear stain solution for cats, our team hopes you will complete the stain removal process using the powder and the Eye Envy ProPowder applicator brush that’s designed to go with it. Further, if you’re serious about the many ways to safely care for your cat’s eyes, then adopt these natural products and easy application tool to start pampering your cat today.


#4. Prevent Future Tear Stains

Preventing future eye stains is a fourth and final way to safely care for your cat’s eyes. If your goal is to keep unwanted tear stains at bay, these natural products and a can-do attitude are all you need to keep your cat’s eye health in check. You have the tools required to eliminate tear stains in a few easy steps, and, as long as you keep your cat’s eye area clean and dry after the stain removal process, we know that your cat will love you even more.

If you’re determined to care for your cat in every way you can, then start taking care of your pet’s eyes to see how happy your little one is with all of the extra attention.


Caring for Your Cat’s Eyes

For those who are concerned about applying products around your cat’s eyes, Eye Envy products are natural and chemical-free. Even though you put them on externally, the safe formula is designed to give you the results you want without irritating your cat’s skin. Eliminate unsightly stains from your cat’s or kitten’s eyes in a few easy steps for brighter, cleaner eyes and a pet that’s happier than ever.

These four ways to safely care for your cat’s eyes are excellent starting points when it comes to looking after your pet and avoiding health problems down the road. If you’re interested in learning more about tear stains and how to deal with them, the ultimate guide to pet tear stains has all of the facts you need to keep an eye out for symptoms and make sure your cat’s (or dog’s) eyes problem-free. We’re happy to answer any other questions you have regarding your beloved pet and our products, and we look forward to having you reach out to us for more information.