How to Groom Your White Long-Haired Dog

How to Groom Your White Long-Haired Dog

Knowing how to groom your dog's coat is essential to keeping your pet happy and healthy, and every type of fur requires a different level of maintenance. While some short-haired dogs might require less grooming, and black-haired dogs may require less attention for their coat to look clean, keeping a white long-haired dog looking good requires some additional effort.

Fortunately, there are easy and effective ways to keep your dog's long white fur clean - all it takes is some know-how. Here are some tips for how to groom your white long-haired dog.

Bathe Your Dog Often, But Not Too Often

Like all other dogs, it's important to give your white long-haired dog regular baths. White fur can quickly appear dirty, especially after the dog spends time outside. A bath will help remove dirt and debris. It might be tempting to bathe your dog every one or two weeks, but this isn't good for their coats. Over-bathing can remove essential oils from their fur, which can cause it to lose luster and become brittle, as well as irritate and dry out your dog's skin. Optimally, you should bathe your white long-haired dog once every three or four weeks.

Using a gentle, moisturizing pet shampoo is a great way to help keep your dog's coat and skin healthy. A good shampoo can keep its fur clean and soft while helping to remove tangles and knots. In addition to using a high-quality shampoo, you should brush the dog's fur once before bathing and once after, once its fur has dried.

Brush Often and Gently

Speaking of brushing, another important step in keeping your white long-haired dog's coat looking healthy is to brush it frequently. Unlike short-haired dogs, long-haired dogs generally don't shed as much, if at all, meaning that daily brushing is very important for keeping your dog's fur soft and free of knots and tangles. Use a medium-stiffness brush to tease out knots at least once per day, taking care to not cause them pain or discomfort. Setting a regular schedule for brushing can make it a pleasant bonding experience for you and your dog.

Remove Eye and Face Stains

White fur stains more easily than any other color and shows the stains more prominently, especially around your dog's eyes and chin. Fortunately, there are specially formulated products available that are designed to help remove these stains.

These products include beard stain removal sprays that you can apply easily and rub into your dog's fur as needed; tear stain remover wipes that are presoaked in a non-irritating, natural formula designed to target the cause of staining; and kits that include just about everything you need to remove tear stains from your dog's eye area. Plus, a non-irritating tear stain facial cleanser can pamper your pet while treating tear stains. With Eye Envy® Tear Stain Facial Cleanser, you can wash your dog's entire face, including around the eyes, but also around the mouth and the beard.

Grooming your dog's fur can be a rewarding experience for both of you, and cleanliness is important to keeping your dog healthy and happy - so make sure you know how to tackle problems before they arise, with a little help from Eye Envy.