The Real Tear Stain Remover

The Real Tear Stain Remover

You'll Be So Happy With The Results 

Eye Envy® tear stain remover is one of the most attempted-to-copy products in the canine care market - and with good reason. It really does what we say it will do! Eye Envy® safely cleans away the discoloration and microbes that cause tear stains without putting the fragile tissue around your dog’s eyes at risk.

There are a lot of products out there for tear stains, but only Eye Envy® works without feeding your dog a daily dose of antibiotics and without using dangerous chemicals that whiten fur. Thousands of Eye Envy® customers have cried tears of joy as their dogs have safely become bright-eyed; so knock it off with the knock-offs and get the real deal!

Is Your Dog (or Cat) Literally Crying for Help?

Tear stains are most noticeable on light-colored canines, but all dogs can have them. Just like for humans, it’s normal for your dog’s eyes to stay moistened with tears; however, your dog’s tears get caught in the fur surrounding his eyes and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Left untreated, the gunky mess that develops can lead to itchy irritation and even infection—eww!. Many things can trigger tears, including food, mineral content of water, allergies, sickness, clogged tear ducts, even fleas. But no matter what the cause, you’ve got to clean it up!

Cheer Up, Pup!

While other products mask the problem, Eye Envy® does battle at the source—the bacterial infection. Eye Envy® is totally natural, contains no bleach or peroxide, and is 100% safe. Any smart pup knows tear stains are an external problem that needs to be solved topically; using an internal product misses the point! Many other products that you mix into your dog’s food actually contain an antibiotic. But stop to think about this for a moment—would you give your child antibiotics internally every day? No way! We all know this builds super bugs in humans that are resistant to treatment; the same is true for dogs.

Recommended and used by veterinarians, groomers, and top breeders around the globe, Eye Envy® keeps your dog stain-free by combining a natural cleanser, an astringent, and an herbal extract that acts as a natural antibiotic and antibacterial--all in one formula. Since Eye Envy® is applied externally, it’s even safe to use on pregnant or nursing dogs and cats too.

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