Why Does My Pet Scratch So Much?

Why Does My Pet Scratch So Much?

Does your pet scratch and scratch for hours on end but to no avail? Do you constantly wonder why? Do endless Google searches lead you nowhere? Eye Envy is here to help ease your worries. While your cat or dog may be scratching, chewing and itching because they have fleas, it's possible that there is another reason behind their scratching. Dry or irritated skin could also be the culprit. Your cat or dog could be allergic to their shampoo or a product in your house. All of these possibilities increase irritation, causing your cat or dog to scratch uncontrollably. Now, how to figure out if your cat or dog has a skin problem or just a case of fleas? Let’s take a look.


Causes for Skin Scratching and Irritation

Overall, there are six main reasons why dogs and cats will itch and scratch but the bottom line here is not to let them suffer. Don’t let it drive you nuts. Go see your vet, find the root of the problem and put together a treatment plan. Most skin and coat abnormalities can be defined and categorized by one of the six main categories of dermatitis highlighted below.


  • Environmental
  • Nutritional
  • Parasitic
  • Allergic
  • Neurogenic
  • Infectious


Keep in mind that there are countless textbooks written and studied about these six categories, all of which is far too complex to be covered in this blog post, but can easily be researched further. I will cover a few of the most popular ones briefly.


Solutions for Scratching and Irritation

First things first, always consult a professional first before taking any active steps to solve your dog’s problem. If you suspect the root of the problem is food or shampoo-related, try testing alternatives to see if the issue is in fact environmental or nutritionally based.


Parasitic Based Solutions

Parasitic-based scratching typically refers to fleas and ticks. There are several highly effective and safe flea preventative options to ward off future exposure, while also being gently on the skin. Just make sure your pet is being properly treated for the correct type of parasite.


Nutrition Based Solutions

If your cat or dog’s issue is nutrition based, a change in diet could easily fix the problem. Your pet's food packaging may look nice, but it doesn’t always contain the “complete and balanced” diet it promises. It may surprise you how drastically a pet’s life can change by a simple upgrade in food quality. Proper nutrition impacts an animal's entire body, skin and coat included. Look for organic, grain free or all-natural foods, or even cooking whole foods for your pet. Veterinary prescription diet foods are also popular among cats and dogs with a history of skin related problems. Furthermore, supplements such as omega fatty acids can help improve skin’s quality.


Environmental Based Solutions

If you cat or dog’s problem is environmentally based, a host of factors may need to be tested in order to locate the root of the problem. These can include shampoos, different types of lawn grass, clothing, or even the detergent used in your home. Eye Envy offers a  Glycerin Enriched Shampoo that is ultra-rich and detergent-free, and it doubles as an antibacterial cleanser. It is a great alternative to detergent-based products that tend to irritate the skin and cause excessive itching. This product works for dogs and cats alike, leaving their coat thoroughly clean, shiny, and soft. 


For a quick fix, you can also try our  On the Spot Healing and Itch Relief Spray that will help eliminate painful hot spots and provide instant relief. This will quickly improve skin conditions and prevent further chewing and scratching, while also avoiding hot spot hair loss. On top of that, the product is chemical free and made from 9 natural ingredients and essential oils. It’s safe, non-toxic and alcohol free, so you and your furry friend don’t have to worry.


If problems persist or worsen, contact your local veterinary office and seek professional assistance. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Eye Envy products, don’t hesitate to  contact us, please call us directly at 866-393-3689. We are always happy to help where we can and provide any insight possible.