10 Dog Tear Stain Remedies and How to Pick the Best One

10 Dog Tear Stain Remedies and How to Pick the Best One

A number of dog breeds develop tear stains throughout their lives, and these markings can become darker and less appealing over time. Discoloration shows up more prominently on breeds with white and light coats, so, if you have a bichon frise, maltese or chihuahua, for example, you’ll need to take extra care to maintain your dog’s coat.

Once you identify the cause behind your dog’s tear stains, it’s best to combat them early on and make your job easier, especially later in your dog’s life. Here is a breakdown of ten dog tear stain remedies and how to pick the best one to keep your pet clean and healthy.

The Reasons Why Your Dog Gets Stains on His or Her Face

Before we get into the range of dog tear stain remedies available to you and your fluffy friend, it’s important to review the causes behind your pet’s tear stains. You’ll be on the right track to care for his or her fur once you figure out why your dog has developed tear stains. Although these stains occur for a number of reasons, there are four common causes, which serve as excellent starting points when caring for affected areas.

Saliva and Tear Production

The saliva and tears your pet produces are natural causes of tear stains. These normal bodily functions expose your dog’s fur to organic substances that leave it pink, red or brown. Your dog’s eyes and mouth will most notably experience this color change, and they require a remedy to cut back on the discoloration.

Dog Food and Treats 

The dog food and treats your pet consumes are everyday causes of tear stains. These typical culprits relay artificial coloring and allergens to your dog’s mouth that can result in discoloration. Your dog’s mouth area can become stained, and it needs a remedy to lighten fur that’s darkened.

Hygiene Upkeep 

The lack of hygiene upkeep your pet may experience occasionally is a usual cause of tear stains. This ordinary source for stained fur can be avoided with regular grooming and other preventative measures. Around your dog’s eyes is the main areas where brown fur develops, and it obligates you to adopt a remedy that reduces moisture and clears up discoloration.

Health Issues 

The underlying health issues your pet may be facing are occasional causes of tear stains. These problems are not out of the question, and they suggest diseases, abnormalities and difficulties while signaling the need for medical attention. Your dog’s mouth and eyes will give health complications away, proving your need to take your pet to the vet. If no immediate medical care is required, you can carry on with a remedy to clean marked up fur.

Manage Your Expectations Before You Start Treatment

Before you decide on the best tear stain remedy for your furry friend and figure out a long term treatment plan, it’s important to manage your expectations about removing tear stains. Clearing away tear stains requires work on consecutive days and weeks of effort, so you’ll need to keep with it for some time before you start seeing satisfactory results. Each pet is different, and paying close attention to the reasons your dog gets stains on its face and the progress you make will help ensure the time spent has been worthwhile.

Your pet will always produce tears, so it’s best to clean up the existing stains, keep the affected areas clean and do your best to prevent further stains.

10 Dog Tear Stain Remedies and How to Pick the Best One

Because several of the reasons why your dog gets stains on its face are unavoidable, you’ll have to incorporate one or more tear stain remedies into your pet care routine. Our team at Eye Envy is here to walk you through the best fixes for tear stains, and, once you’ve made your way through this list, you’ll be ready to pick the best one for your dog’s needs. Here are ten dog tear stain remedies and how to pick the best one for your furry friend.

1. Flush Eyes with Eyewash

Flushing your pet’s eyes with an eyewash or saline eyewash solution treats his or her eyes and provides a remedy for dog tear stains by improving eye health.

2. Wash Fur with Shampoo 

Washing your dog’s fur with dry or waterless shampoo cleans his or her muzzle and offers a remedy for dog tear stains by washing away discoloration and any associated smells.

3. Refresh System with Water

Refreshing your pet’s system with clean water hydrates his or her body and presents a remedy for dog tear stains by clearing out impurities.

4. Clean Surfaces with Soap and Water

Cleaning your dog’s eating and drinking surfaces with soap and water protects his or her immunity, improves his or her hygiene and proposes a remedy for tear stains by eliminating bacteria growth.

5. Nourish Body with Food

Nourishing your pet’s body with healthy, high-quality food balances his or her diet and serves as a remedy for dog tear stains by preventing allergic reactions and exposure to filler-type products.

6. Dry Moisture with Cornstarch

Drying the moisture around your dog’s head and feet with cornstarch controls his or her excess perspiration and works as a remedy for dog tear stains by soaking up wetness.

7. Trim Hair with Grooming

Trimming your pet’s hair with grooming regulates the amount of bacteria around his or her eyes and acts as a remedy for dog tear stains by minimizing matted fur and moisture build-up.

8. Remove Stains with Tear Stain Solution

Removing stains with tear stain solution eliminates dark stains and succeeds as a remedy for dog tear stains by inhibiting stain production with a safe, non-irritating cleanser.

9. Treat Streaks with Powder for Dogs

Treating streaks with a specific tear stain powder for dogs repels moisture and functions as an effective remedy for dog tear stains by enhancing the tear stain solution and keeping the fur dry.

10. Penetrate Stained Areas with Applicator Pads

Penetrating stained areas with applicator pads or textured wipes massages the tear stain solution into the discolored area and plays its role as a remedy for dog tear stains by facilitating the cleansing process while exfoliating your pet’s skin.

Now that you’re familiar with the reasons why your dog gets stains on its face and the best tear stain remedies, you can figure out the best one for your pet based on this information. In addition to keeping your pet’s face clean and moisture-free, you’ll need to evaluate the extent to which your pup has tear stains and decide how much time you want to devote to care. Use one or more of these ten remedies to ensure your pet receives the attention it needs to be healthy and happy.

Take Stain Removal to the Next Level

Whether you’ve been tending to your pet’s tear stains for years or you’re new to the process, investing in a stain remover pack can save time and yield impressive results. The Eye Envy Tear Stain Starter Kit, for instance, has all the products you need to clean your pet’s body and make his or her fur beautiful. With a bottle of tear stain solution, the corresponding pads and a jar of application powder your stain removal system will be flawless.

The cleansers are safe, effective and free from preservatives, so you can rely on the formula to enhance your pet’s well-being after a few easy treatments. The combination of stain solution and powder, finally, will give you the best results, as the solution washes away stains and the powder fights off new ones.

Long Term Tear Stain Treatment

If you’re wondering whether your not your pet’s stains will disappear forever, you’re not the only one. The bad news is that your dog’s tear stains will not disappear forever given that tearing is a natural function that affects most breeds, especially ones with flat facial structures. The good news, however, is that you can do a few things regularly to prevent tear stains once you’ve cleaned up any existing ones.

By using products like Eye Envy’s tear stain solution for dogs, powder for dogs and cats and dry jar of pads for dogs, for example, you can clean your pet’s face, keep debris away and cultivate a neat appearance. Check your pet’s face every day as a part of your maintenance routine to maintain his or her eye and mouth hygiene.

The Next Steps Toward Clean Fur

This breakdown of dog tear stain remedies and how to pick the best one is a great place to start when taking the next steps toward your improving your pet’s health. Once you find the best remedy for your dog’s tear stains, you’ll be on your way to cleaner, happier and healthier pet.

For more information about pet tear stains, consult the ultimate guide to pet tear stains in full, and, if you have any additional questions about your dog’s health or hygiene, our team here at Eye Envy would be delighted to speak with you and answer any queries you might have.