Skincare Tips for Your Bulldog's Face & Body

Skincare Tips for Your Bulldog's Face & Body

If you're like most French or English bulldog owners, you're proud of your pup's distinctive features. In addition to their bold personalities, their wrinkly skin is part of what makes these breeds so adorable. However, being a responsible bulldog owner means tending to your bulldog's skin on a regular basis. Some of the very same unique features that make them such popular pets can also be susceptible to irritation or even infection when not cared for properly.

Fortunately, Eye Envy® is here to help with our tips, as well as our convenient and effective French and English bulldog face wipes. Keep reading to learn more about how best to care for your beloved bulldog's skin.

Bulldog Skincare Basics

Bulldogs have flatter faces, which gives them more prominent face folds than most other dog breeds. These warm, moist areas can become a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast growth, leading to dermatitis or infections. In addition, the skin folds around a bulldog's tail, also known as the bulldog tail pocket, can become prone to the same types of skin issues as the face.

When bulldog face or tail problems develop, it can cause them a significant amount of discomfort, inflammation and redness. Bad odors can develop due to the growth of bacteria in the folds. The area may become incredibly itchy, and the dog may start scratching or rubbing the irritated area on the ground excessively, causing further irritation or even bleeding in some cases. Many bulldogs also have skin allergies that can exacerbate these issues.

How To Keep Bulldog Skin Healthy

The best way to prevent skin fold dermatitis or infections in bulldogs and other breeds with wrinkly skin is to clean the affected areas frequently. If you consistently attend to their folds, most bulldogs won't develop the types of skin problems that so often affect their breed. That's why preventative treatment is the best approach to skin fold issues, particularly when it comes to the bulldog tail pocket and face.

Regular bathing of your bulldog – generally once every six to eight weeks – is highly recommended. Always carefully clean between your bulldog's folds and thoroughly dry your dog afterwards. Don't give your dog baths too frequently, however, or their skin could become dry.

In between baths, you'll need to meticulously clean their skin folds about once a day. The easiest way to do this is with disposable wipes that are specifically designed to be gentle yet effective in keeping bulldog skin healthy.

Eye Envy Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes

At Eye Envy, we've developed a special product with these amazing breeds in mind. Our bulldog wrinkle wipes help remove dirt, grime and bacteria that may have become lodged in your pet's skin folds. The thin yet durable cloth is easy to get deep into the folds for thorough cleaning, and the natural formula won't irritate their skin. In addition to facial skin folds, these wipes can also be used in and around the tail pocket to help prevent skin problems.

Like all Eye Envy products, these wipes are designed to be non-irritating and safe for your pet. Try Eye Envy wrinkle wipes for bulldogs to help keep your pup happy and healthy!